Coronavirus: Code of practice for the commercial property sector

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Code of practice to encourage commercial tenants and landlords to work together to protect viable businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

The government has published a code of practice to help commercial landlords and tenants map out plans for economic recovery during the coronavirus pandemic. The code of practice is voluntary in nature and applies to landlords and tenants in commercial property in any sector across the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Rent payments and concessions
The code of practice encourages tenants to continue to pay their rent in full if they are in a position to do so and advises that others should pay what they can, whilst acknowledging that landlords should provide support to businesses if they too are able to do so.

It encourages tenants and landlords to be transparent in their discussions and to act reasonably and responsibly whilst recognising the impact that coronavirus has had on businesses’ finances. For example, tenants seeking concessions should be clear with their landlords about why this is needed. And in turn, landlords seeking to refuse concessions should be clear with their tenants about why they are doing so.

The code of practice represents best practice within the sector for responding to COVID-19 and is endorsed by a number of leading representative bodies and organisations.

Read the full code of practice for commercial property relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First published 22 June 2020