Coronavirus: COVID Social Enterprise Fund

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The COVID-19 Social Enterprise Fund closed to applications at 5pm on Friday 23 October 2020.

Fund to help social enterprises manage cash flow during the coronavirus pandemic

The COVID Social Enterprise Fund supports social enterprises that already deliver services and products but find themselves in financial difficulties directly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The primary intention of the fund is to help social enterprises to stabilise and manage cash flow over this difficult period.

The fund has been co-designed with Social Enterprise NI and is administered by Community Finance Ireland on behalf of the Department for Communities (DfC).

Who is eligible to apply?
Social enterprises who meet all of the following eligibility criteria can apply:

  • You are a social enterprise with a base in Northern Ireland and/or primarily delivering services/activities to Northern Ireland communities.
  • You have a legal format and governing documents/profit re-distribution policy that meets Social Enterprise NI guidelines (see definition of a social enterprise).
  • You have been trading in excess of one year and have demonstrated sustainability.
  • Your funding need is directly as a result of the impact of COVID-19.
  • You have a clear understanding of the negative financial impacts of COVID-19 on your organisation over the six-month period March 2020 - August 2020.
  • You are applying for funding to stabilise your short-term future cashflow need and to ensure resilience of our business model.

You can apply if you have received any other COVID-19 non-repayable government grants, as long as you reflect the award(s) in your cashflow information and can demonstrate that you still have COVID-related lost earnings that need mitigated to help you achieve resilience in your business model.

The funding will be distributed as a one-off payment and the revenue grant support should be adequate to allow the applicant organisation to remain viable for a minimum of six months - to end March 2021.

Funding levels will be based on the individual circumstances of each applicant organisation. To ensure a broad distribution of the funds available, the maximum level of grant under this scheme will be £75,000 in total.

How to apply?
You can access the COVID Social Enterprise Fund application form online.

Please note, the form does not have a 'save' facility and must be completed in one sitting.

Before completing your application, read through the COVID Social Enterprise Fund guidance notes and FAQs (PDF, 584K) to ensure you have all the documentation necessary to apply.

Applications will close at 5pm on Friday 23 October 2020.

First published 24 September 2020