Coronavirus: Employer referral testing for essential or key workers

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Portal allows employers to refer essential workers for COVID-19 testing

The employer referral portal allows employers to refer essential workers who are self-isolating either because they or member(s) of their household have coronavirus symptoms, for testing.

For most employees, only symptomatic people in the household can be tested. If the employee works in social care, however, the employee can be tested whether symptomatic or asymptomatic.

It is a secure portal for employers to use to upload the full list of names and contact details of self-isolating essential workers.

If referred through this portal, essential workers will receive a text message with a unique invitation code to book a test for themselves (if symptomatic) or their symptomatic household member(s) at a regional testing site.

How to access the portal

To get login details, employers of essential workers should email with:

  • organisation name
  • nature of the organisation’s business
  • region
  • names (where possible) and email addresses of the 2 users who will load essential worker contact details

Once employer details have been verified, two login credentials will be issued for the employer referral portal.

Two helpline numbers can assist with any technical issues beyond creating user accounts and resetting passwords and can be contacted on either Tel: 0300 303 2713 or Tel: 0203 514 3817.

Alternatively, essential/key workers can be referred to the Employee Self-Referral Portal.

Note the self-referral booking portal opens and closes throughout the day as test slots become available.

Read more information about Testing for COVID-19.

First published 18 May 2020

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