Coronavirus: Safer transport guidance for operators

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Safer transport guidance for public transport operators in Northern Ireland during coronavirus published by the Department for Infrastructure

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) has released guidance to help public transport operators understand how to provide safer workplaces and services for themselves, their staff and passengers.

The public transport sector has been severely impacted by coronavirus, making many changes and adjustments to work practices, operations and services to keep staff and passengers safe. Moving into a staged approach of relaxing restrictions the focus remains on protecting health and well-being.

For public transport operators the key messages are:

  • Preparing a COVID-19 risk assessment in collaboration with staff and trade unions.
  • Supporting staff to work from home where possible.
  • Putting arrangements in place to allow both staff and passengers to maintain two metres social distance. Where this is not possible, reduce the risk of transmission by maintaining a one-metre distance and taking suitable mitigation measures.
  • Implementing measures to manage the risk of transmission, enhancing cleaning processes and promoting good hygiene regimes.
  • Requiring passengers and staff to wear a face-covering when on public transport. This is required by law, with some exemptions, including individuals who are not able to wear a face-covering for specific health and medical reasons, and staff behind a protective screen.
  • Communicating safety measures to staff and passengers and making clear what is expected of them.

The guidance will help public transport operators to deal with the following issues:

  • risk assessments
  • who should be at work
  • workforce planning
  • social distancing
  • queues, crowds and protecting passenger flows
  • face coverings
  • cleaning
  • ventilation
  • communications and training
  • making services accessible for people with disabilities and other equality groups
  • emergency incidents
  • operating outside Northern Ireland

Download Safer transport guidance for public transport operators during Coronavirus (PDF, 501K).

First published 9 July 2020