Workplace travel planning

Developing a sustainable transport policy for all of our employees - Allstate NI (video)


Glen Burgess, an employee at Allstate NI with responsibility for sustainable transport policies, explains how they created an award-winning workplace travel plan.

Allstate NI, with offices in Belfast, Derry~Londonderry and Strabane, provides software development services and business solutions in support of Allstate Corporation's global activities. In 2009 Allstate NI identified transport as a gap in their environmental policies and worked to identify where travel cost savings could be made for their employees and core business.

Here Glen and Managing Director Bro McFerran explain how a successful workplace travel plan benefits the work-life balance of Allstate NI's employees, and can benefit businesses of any size.

Case Study

Glen Burgess

allstate ni

Glen's top tips:

  • "Anyone can set up a workplace travel plan – our policies have been cost-neutral or have even made a return"
  • "Obtain approval and buy-in from the person at the top of your business or senior management"
  • "Research the travel activities of your employees to identify the right areas to target for maximum benefit"