Energy Catalyst international brokerage trip to Indonesia

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Opportunity for SMEs to explore energy access markets in Indonesia

Innovate UK is inviting ambitious businesses, that are interested in applying to future rounds of Energy Catalyst funding, to apply for an international brokerage trip to Indonesia.

The opportunity will enable you to explore energy access opportunities and get a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Indonesia.

Applications are welcome from businesses that focus on energy access, including but not limited to:

  • offshore wind
  • marine technologies
  • solar
  • off-grid technologies
  • mini grids
  • storage

Delivered in partnership with Innovate UK EDGE, this programme of support consists of a preparation phase, followed by a 7-day country visit, and post-visit support to help you take advantage of the opportunities identified.

Why Indonesia?

The Indonesia National Energy Policy identifies a target for 23 per cent of total primary energy supply to come from new and renewable sources by 2030 and 31 per cent by 2050. Current developments account for only a 12 per cent portion of the energy supplied in Indonesia, and despite substantial renewable energy potential, there are numerous challenges to achieving the renewable targets.

While regulation and investment are key factors for the sector in Indonesia, renewable energy resources have characteristics, such as being highly spread and located in remote areas, transportation and the intermittency of solar and wind power plant - all of which combine to create concern for the grid reliability. Costs are also a critical challenge as an initial investment for renewable projects is still high, and as the electricity price must be below the Region Generation Cost (BPP) - which is already low enough in some major areas – it can act as a barrier and make the project unattractive.

As such, there is considerable scope and exciting opportunity for innovative UK businesses looking to explore the energy access market and engage with stakeholders across the sector in Indonesia.

The deadline for applications is 27 May 2022.

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First published 27 April 2022