Energy Catalyst international brokerage trip to Malawi

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Opportunity for ambitious SMES to explore energy access opportunities in Malawi and find potential innovation collaborators and partners

Innovate UK is inviting ambitious businesses, that are interested in applying to future rounds of Energy Catalyst funding, to apply for an international brokerage trip to Malawi. Delivered in partnership with Innovate UK EDGE and Innovate UK KTN, the programme of support consists of a preparation phase, followed by a 7-day country visit, and post-visit support from Innovate UK EDGE.

Why Malawi?

In January 2021, the Malawi Government launched the Malawi Vision 2063 which is the overarching national development strategy that aims at transforming Malawi into a wealthy and self-reliant industrialised upper middle-income country. Energy and investment in power generation are clearly highlighted under industrialization and economic infrastructure, which are one of pillars and enablers of the vision.

Under the vision, Malawi aims to continue investing in the energy sector beyond hydro being the main source of energy and to explore other alternative sources, including solar, coal and thermal. The country plans to have such a diversified range of affordable energy sources that will increase energy supply and ensure energy reliability.

What to expect

Energy Catalyst international brokerage is a structured programme around three main phases and each business will have support from Innovate UK EDGE for the duration of the offering, including developing an action plan to capitalise on the opportunities identified. The three main phases are:

  • Getting ready: Pre-visit briefing to build knowledge and understanding of the market and potential opportunities, including how to do business, cultural aspects, how to protect your IP and training on how to improve your pitch and articulate your value proposition.
  • Market visit: Access to NGOs, local businesses, academics, and governments who will be able to provide information about local opportunities and with potential to become partners.
  • Helping you make the best of the opportunity: Support from Innovate UK EDGE to follow up and take advantage of the opportunities identified.

Find out more about the international brokerage trip to Malawi and how to apply.

Deadline for applications is 9 May 2022.

Applicant Briefing Event

For more information on this programme and to help with an application you can attend an applicant briefing event which will take place on 2 May 2022 - for more information contact Gail Leathley Innovation & Growth Specialist at:

First published 22 April 2022