Employee engagement

How to establish employee engagement in your business


Employee engagement can't be imposed from above. Employee engagement is about creating a shift in the organisational culture that establishes an environment that encourages effective staff participation and involvement.

Outlined below are areas which businesses should address in order to establish effective employee engagement.

Business strategy

Staff should be made aware of where your business is going, why it is taking the direction it is and how it aims to get there. This can be achieved through a clear strategic narrative or business story. This helps employees develop a sence of value by understanding how their role fits in with the wider scope of the business and how they contribute to organisational goals. Create and communicate your strategic narrative.

Engaging managers

Engaging managers who motivate, challenge and support employees, treat them as individuals and seek and respond to their views are key to employee engagement.

Employee engagement starts with managers showing a clear and collective commitment to making employee engagement part of business culture. This means sharing information on business plans and performance, making sure you live your business values and seeking views and ideas from employees on how to improve your business. Managers who actively listen to employees and act on their opinions and suggestions for improvement, where appropriate, are more likely to encourage effective engagement from other members of staff. How to be an engaging manager.


Effective two-way communication which listens to employees and involves and consults them in decision-making within your business is important. Encourage feedback and ideas from employees and urge them to raise concerns and support the way you do business. Make it as easy as possible for staff to communicate and engage with you and management, for example, through regular staff surveys or online suggestion forms. To further encourage staff engagement you could reward ideas that are implemented in the organisation. Establish employee voice in your business.


Integrity with employee engagement means practising what you preach and adhering to your business values. There shouldn't be a gap between what the people in your business say and what they do. Build a culture that enables staff to share information and encourages open-mindedness. Respond to employee ideas or suggestions when they are brought forward. Integrity helps build the trust required to enable effective employee engagement.