Selling and the law

  • Brexit: Consumer rights changes from 1 January 2021

    Changes to consumers rights rules from 1 January 2021

  • The eCommerce Directive and the UK

    What you need to do now that the eCommerce Directive no longer applies to the UK

  • Product safety and metrology from 1 January 2021 - Northern Ireland

    Guides on specific product safety and metrology regulations for businesses placing goods on the market in Northern Ireland from 1 January 2021

  • Trade and treat customers fairly

    How to comply with regulations that require you to treat customers, make contracts and trade fairly during the sale or supply of products and services

  • The Consumer Rights Act

    Understand the implications of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the responsibilities you have under it to the consumers who buy your goods or services

  • Customer protection

    An introduction to the rights customers have when buying goods or services from you including the right to complain and protection from unfair contract terms

  • Consumer contracts

    Rules governing contracts between traders and consumers including the information that consumers must receive before a sale and cooling off periods

  • Returns and refunds, warranties and complaints

    Customers' legal rights to return goods, receive refunds for goods, complain about unsatisfactory goods and make claims under guarantees and warranties

  • Privacy and data protection in direct marketing

    What steps you must take to protect your customers' privacy and data and comply with the law when carrying out email, telephone or any other direct marketing

  • Business to business sales contracts

    Advice for businesses on their rights when purchasing goods or services from another business, and how these are different from normal consumer protection

  • Consumer credit

    An overview of the rules surrounding consumer credit and whether your business needs a consumer credit licence from the Financial Conduct Authority

  • Seasonal and Sunday trading

    How businesses can adapt to peak trading seasons and comply with Sunday trading regulations

  • Fair trading, trade descriptions and Trading Standards

    An introduction to fair-trading laws, trade descriptions and the role of Trading Standards and how the rules apply to your business and what you must do

  • Protect your business from scams

    How to protect your business from common scams, including fake invoice and premium rate scams

  • Product labelling and packaging

    An introduction to the law on marking prices and labelling products, product packaging design

  • Weights and measures

    The law applying to the supply and sale of goods (including food and drink) by weight or other measures such as volume or length

  • Competing fairly

    How to ensure your business complies with competition law

  • Trade marks

    Introduction to trade marking – how to choose, search for, register and protect trade marks in the UK or abroad

  • CE marking

    What is CE marking, why is it mandatory for certain regulated products, and how to place CE marking on your products

  • Mergers

    How anti-competitive mergers are investigated by the Competition & Markets Authority and the UK government

  • Consumer law in Europe

    Understanding consumer protection law in the European Union including providing information, safety and product labelling and packaging regulations

  • Contract law in Europe

    Contract law varies in different member states, although some harmonisation has been introduced

  • Selling fireworks

    Fireworks retailing rules and responsibilities for businesses in Northern Ireland including how to apply for a licence to sell fireworks legally and safe storage

  • Distance and online selling rules

    A summary of the customer contract rules you must comply with when you sell at distance such as over the phone or online

  • Selling online: consumer contracts

    Understand the laws applying to online contracts including the formation of online contracts, essential terms, electronic signatures and digital certificates

  • Commercial dispute resolution

    Guide to commercial dispute resolution options including mediation, arbitration, adjudication and litigation and the advantages and disadvantages of each

  • Product compliance when placing certain goods on the Northern Ireland market

    Guidance for businesses on EU market surveillance rules that apply to certain products placed on the Northern Ireland market

  • Age-restricted sales

    Rules and advice for selling age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco