Branding and design

  • Branding for your business

    What branding is, how to create and manage a brand and how it can help improve your business by communicating your values to stand out from competitors.

  • Designing a successful brand

    How to use design to create a successful brand and build brand identity for your business

  • Choose and work with a designer

    How to find the right designer or design agency to work with, and how to ensure that your design project is successful

  • How can I use design in my business?

    An overview of the many ways you can use design in your business, how to carry out a design audit and make design a part of your strategy

  • Managing your design projects

    Find out how to manage your design projects, either in-house or by working with external designers

  • Best practice in web design

    Make sure that your business' website makes an impact - follow these web design and development standards and best practices.

  • Design and print your business stationery

    Include the correct information on your business stationery, design it to project the best image for your business and print in the most cost effective way.