• Preparing to sell

    An overview of what you need to consider before your business sells anything including sales environments and channels.

  • The sales process

    How to follow a step-by-step process to achieve sales, and build long-term customer relationships

  • Sales channels to reach your customers

    How to decide which sales channels to use to reach your customers, including face to face, retailers and sales agents.

  • Sell through a commercial agent

    How to get help in selling by accessing specialist sales skills to explore new and overseas markets by working with an independent commercial agent.

  • Plan and forecast sales

    How to use sales forecasting, a monthly prediction of your sales, to improve the management of your business and avoid cashflow problems.

  • Increase your market share

    How to increase sales and profit from existing customers, break into new markets and increase your overall share.

  • Develop an effective sales team

    Assessing the need to take on sales staff and how to find the most effective salespeople and motivate them to perform.

  • Sell your food or drink product in a supermarket

    How to successfully supply your product for sale in a supermarket or major retailer.