Software and business applications

  • Benefits of databases

    Introduction to databases and database management systems, and how to use them to control and manage information more effectively in your business

  • 5 reasons why your business needs a good database

    Why you should replace a spreadsheet with a database to help you grow your small business

  • Accounting software

    How to find the right accounting software for your business to reap the benefits of accounting apps and services

  • Payroll software

    Find out how payroll software systems can help you pay your employees accurately, on time and within law

  • Customer relationship management

    Introduction to customer relationship management, the systems available, and how they can help you to improve sales and productivity

  • Supply chain management software

    What is supply chain management software, the types of software available, and the benefits of SCM software to your business

  • Open source business software

    How to run your small business with free open source software, and where to find the best open source business applications

  • Artificial intelligence in business

    Discover what is artificial intelligence, what are the possible applications of AI in business, and how AI can bring benefits to your business

  • Cloud computing

    What is cloud computing, what are its risks and benefits to your business, and how to outsource your IT to cloud

  • Content management systems

    Key considerations when choosing a content management system - understand the different types, features and advantages a CMS can bring to your business