Start-up business ideas

  • 600 small business ideas

    Detailed guides on over 600 small business trades and sectors for startup research, market trends and sector regulations

  • Set up a pop-up shop

    How to set up a pop-up shop in Northern Ireland, explore new market opportunities and improve sales

  • Buy a franchise

    What franchising is, how to find and assess franchise opportunities and how to buy a franchise

  • Start a business from home

    Guidance and practical tips on starting a home-based business and local support to help establish your home business

  • Start a part-time business

    How to start a part-time business, including tax and legal implications, premises and help and support

  • Start a social enterprise

    What is a social enterprise, how is it different from a traditional business model, and how can you set one up?

  • Diversify your farm business

    Overview on how to diversify a farming business with local support and examples

  • Start a tourist accommodation business

    How to take the first steps to starting a tourist business in Northern Ireland, including the tourist economy, key considerations, challenges and certification

  • Setting up and running a taxi service

    Rules for operating a taxi service in Northern Ireland and the licences you need

  • Setting up an innovation start-up

    How to build an innovative start-up, develop a business plan for innovation and find the right finance and exit options for your business