Selling online

  • Create an online shop

    The key issues to consider when creating an online shop and selling your products and services online, including the benefits and how to get started.

  • Accepting online payments

    How online payments work and how to set up a payment facility.

  • Fulfilling online orders

    The main issues to consider when delivering products to online customers once a purchase has been made including how to implement a fulfilment service.

  • Planning for e-commerce

    What to consider when setting up e-commerce systems in your business and how to make the most of e-commerce opportunities.

  • Common e-commerce pitfalls

    Common factors that result in e-commerce systems not achieving their full potential and how to overcome the challenges and pitfalls of selling online.

  • Selling through online marketplaces

    The main benefits of selling through online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and advice on how to get started selling.

  • E-marketplaces, online auctions and exchanges

    Understand what e-marketplaces are and decide if they are appropriate for your business.