Planning business growth

  • Assess your options for business growth

    Understand the different ways to grow a business, including market penetration, market/product development, diversification and business partnerships

  • Prepare a business plan for growth

    Find out how to plan for business growth, what to include in your growth plan and why you should regularly review your business plan document

  • Strategic planning for business growth

    Understand the importance of a clear and effective strategic plan to enable the growth of your business

  • Grow your business successfully

    How to identify and overcome the challenges and the pitfalls that you may encounter while growing your business

  • Change management

    Change is constant in business - find out why you should manage it, and how to prepare your staff and business for organisational change

  • Project management

    An overview of project management, the different methodologies, processes and stages, and benefits to your business

  • Quality management standards

    Overview of the quality management systems, the ISO 9001 standard, their benefits to your business and key steps to ISO implementation and certification

  • Make best use of standards

    Introduction to the different technical, management and best practice standards, and their benefits to your business

  • Best practice in business

    Find out how introducing best practice and better ways of working can help your business grow and adapt to change

  • Knowledge management and business growth

    Introduction to knowledge management, its benefits to your business, and knowledge management best practices

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

    Understand the role and the importance of corporate social responsibility, its benefits to your business, and how you can put CSR into practice