Check if a goods movement reference is valid


Last updated 16 February 2021

If you're using the Goods Vehicle Movement Service, find out what you must do if you are a carrier and need to check if a goods movement reference is valid and if goods can be moved.

Before you start

You must make sure that you have developed the carrier application programme interface (API).

You’ll also need the haulier’s:

  • goods movement reference number
  • vehicle registration number if your movement is accompanied
  • trailer number or container reference number if your movement is unaccompanied

Check if the goods are ready for movement

When you are presented with a goods movement reference, you will need to:

  • capture and validate the GMR
  • capture the vehicle registration number if the movement is accompanied
  • capture the trailer number or container reference number if the movement is unaccompanied

What happens next
If the goods movement reference number is not valid, you must tell the haulier that they cannot embark until they get the correct information.

After hauliers with valid goods movement reference numbers have embarked and the vessel has departed, you must tell HMRC by sending all the goods movement reference numbers to the Goods Vehicle Movement Service by logging into the carrier application programme interface.

You should work with HMRC to ensure hauliers know whether they need to get their goods checked by customs on arrival or if they are able to continue their journey.

From January until July 2021, if hauliers are moving goods from the EU to Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland), they only need a goods movement reference number if they are moving goods under the Common Transit Convention.

Hauliers may also need to use a goods movement reference for specific Northern Ireland to Great Britain movements (for example a movement under the Common Transit Convention).