Children's code: new resources to aid compliance

News article

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has published new tools to help businesses comply with the Children's code

The code, officially known as the Age appropriate design code, has been in force since 2 September 2021.

Backed up by data protection legislation, the code contains 15 standards to help companies shape their digital offering to protect children. These standards include things like:

  • restricting data sharing
  • ensuring the minimum amount of data is collected
  • rules on geolocation and transparency
  • ensuring the highest privacy settings are enabled by default

The code applies to online services that are likely to be accessed by children. This means that it applies not just to services designed for children, but also to adult-orientated services that children use. It is important to understand this when considering if your business or digital product is in scope of the code.

Resources to help with compliance

For organisations struggling to implement the Children's code, the ICO offers a range of support. These include an advice hub and resources like data protection impact assessment templates.

Most recently, the ICO has published guidance on considering the rights of the child, giving organisations a step-by-step process to consider whether they are acting in the best interests of children.

This guidance complements other resources the ICO has made available, including a more comprehensive self-assessment risk tool.

This tool will help you conduct your own risk assessment of how both the UK General Data Protection Regulation and the Children's code apply in the context of your digital service and suggest practical steps for you to apply a proportionate and risk-based approach to ensuring children's protection and privacy.

First published 13 May 2022