Cyber security skills and retraining programme


The NI Cyber Gateway Aptitude Programme is an online pilot skills platform aimed at helping users retrain for entry-level roles in the fast-growing cyber security industry. The free training consists of a variety of online learning activities called labs. Each lab focuses on a different area of cyber security to help the individual gain skills to begin a career within the industry.

The programme enables:

  • Individuals with various educational attainments and career paths to test their own aptitude for cyber security roles through a series of free learning modules. See more information for potential candidates.
  • Employers to advertise vacancies, including jobs and placements, for free, which match the roles covered by the modules.

Why is cyber security important for business?

As more Northern Ireland companies move online to conduct their business, so too have criminals. This has increased the need for cyber security measures to protect businesses from cyber threats. Find out more about the steps you can take to improve the cyber security of your business.

How will this platform help business?

To help companies respond to a growing cyber security requirement within their business systems, this platform will train individuals across four popular entry-level roles within cyber security. Businesses can advertise their entry-level cyber security vacancies (jobs and placements), free of charge, where they are exclusively offering such posts to Northern Ireland citizens.

How does this programme work for employers?

This programme is open to any employer in Northern Ireland, regardless of industry, who wish to advertise vacant cyber security roles. The online platform offers a unique way to test the knowledge, skills, abilities and tasks (KSATs) required of an individual before they can unlock each job/placement vacancy:

  • Cyber Defence Analyst
  • Cyber Defence Incident Responder
  • Systems Security Analyst
  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyst

Alternatively, each employer can select specific labs that they require candidates to complete in order to apply for their particular placement/job.

Each candidate can see which labs are required to apply for specific jobs so they can work towards unlocking specific placement/job vacancies. Upon successful completion of these labs, the job application process is opened for the candidate.

The pilot programme has been developed with the intention of finding potential candidates who would not necessarily fit the traditional recruitment processes due to barriers to entry; in this case, e.g. lack of formal qualifications, full-time work commitments, prohibitive costs of certifications etc.

Employers may request further information, including a platform demo by emailing