Employing and supporting older workers



As the UK population ages, there will be an increase in people working longer and past the traditional retirement age. Older workers will account for a growing proportion of the workforce. By 2020 it is estimated that people aged 50 and over will comprise almost a third of the working-age population compared to 24 per cent in 2011 [Department for Work and Pensions report on older workers and the workplace].

Employers should understand the specific needs and expectations of older workers, identify the challenges of an ageing workforce and know the benefits that older workers can bring to businesses. Employers need to consider older workers when recruiting alongside the training and retaining of staff. Businesses should consider age-related policies and practices that can help ensure equal opportunities for staff of all ages.

This guide outlines the employment rights of older workers, challenges older workers face in the workplace, ways in which your business can support older staff and the benefits of employing an ageing workforce.