Marketing your business in Europe

Establish marketing contacts in Europe


UK small businesses often develop by word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family. One problem that many small businesses face when starting in another country is building this reputation. If you are moving into a completely new country then this network will probably not exist.

In any new market, you will need to work with your early customers to build up the same trust as you already have in the UK. Make sure that your business is approachable for customers and that you offer an easy way for them to leave feedback.

Also, try to identify any customers that may represent your brand. For example, if someone writes a blog about the good service they received from your company, you could respond with a comment of your own or offer readers an incentive to also try your service.

Partners and resellers

If your business involves selling well-established products or services, it may be a good idea to find local partners to work with. This can be an advantage as they will have local knowledge and a pre-existing distribution network. Typically they will take a commission from any sales - which means you have no upfront costs.

It can also assist with marketing your business, as your partner will have already built up trust with their customers. This can help introduce people to your products or services through a familiar channel.

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