Harassment and bullying at work - new employer guidance

News article

New guidance from the Equality Commission and Labour Relations Agency (LRA) will help employers create and sustain inclusive workplaces

Harassment and bullying at work continue to be an unpleasant fact of life for many employees. Employers can work to change this by putting in place policies and procedures to create and help sustain inclusive workplaces.

The Equality Commission and LRA have produced guidance that outlines some steps that you can take to help build an inclusive workplace.

Who is this guidance for?

The harassment and bullying at work guidance is designed to be of practical use to employers, trade unions or employee representatives when developing and implementing policies in the areas of harassment and bullying.

What is included in the guidance?

This guidance outlines what harassment and bullying is and what forms it may take within the workplace setting. It outlines simple steps that employers can take to create inclusive workplaces, with a quick checklist and links to further guidance.

Harassment and bullying at work - promoting an inclusive workplace (PDF, 744K).

First published 20 May 2022