Set up employment policies for your business



You do not have to have a staff policy on every single aspect of your business. Indeed, some types of policy may be irrelevant or unhelpful.

However, as an employer, you must set out details of your disciplinary and grievance procedures in writing. In addition, if you employ five or more people, you must have a written health and safety workplace policy.

In instances where there may be no legal requirement, it is still good business practice to set out formal written policies so that workers understand what is expected of them and what they can expect in return. Workplace policies also help to create a culture within your business where issues are dealt with fairly and consistently.

This guide identifies key policies that have to meet certain legal requirements and those that have no legal grounding but should be considered for best practice. It also considers which employment policies should be put in place for different business needs and gives practical guidance on how to write staff policies.

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