Windsor Framework: New GB to NI parcel delivery scheme

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Apply for UK Carrier Scheme authorisation to move consumer parcels from Great Britain to Northern Ireland

The UK Carrier (UKC) Scheme is an authorisation that enables businesses to move eligible consumer parcels, from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, in line with Windsor Framework arrangements.

UKC Scheme authorisation will allow your business to send these parcels without completing any customs, or safety and security declarations.

You can apply to use the UKC Scheme if you’re responsible for moving consumer parcels from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Consumer parcels are those moving from:

  • business to consumer
  • consumer to business
  • consumer to another consumer

You cannot use the UKC Scheme to move parcels which do not meet the criteria for the Windsor Framework arrangements. These include:

Check if you can apply for the UK Carrier Scheme.

Make an application for the UKC Scheme

Read about how to apply for the UK Carrier Scheme and the information HMRC expects you to provide when you do.

First published 2 May 2024