The bankruptcy process


When a bankruptcy order has been made against you the Official Receiver for Northern Ireland will be appointed to deal with your bankruptcy. The Official Receiver is a civil servant in the Department for the Economy (DfE) and is an officer of the Court. They will also act as trustee of your estate unless an insolvency practitioner has been appointed.

The Official Receiver will look into your financial affairs before and during your bankruptcy. Details may be reported to the Court and to your creditors. They are also required to report any dishonest or criminal behaviour.

Trustee requests

You must comply with any request made by the trustee which may include:

  • attending an interview
  • completion of a questionnaire
  • providing a full list of your assets and details of what you owe and to whom
  • handing over your assets along with all your books, records, bank statements etc
  • give details of assets and/or any increases in income

Bankruptcy restrictions

Some restrictions will also be placed on you. You must not:

  • use bank accounts, debit or credit cards connected to your bankruptcy
  • obtain credit of £500 or more without first disclosing that you are bankrupt
  • make payments directly to your creditors

For more information see bankruptcy restrictions.

You may also have to go to Court and explain why you are in debt. If you do not co-operate, you could be arrested.

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