Measure your online marketing

Benefits of measuring your digital marketing


When developing an online marketing strategy, there is a wealth of data available to you. This data is often detailed and immediately accessible. Not all this data will be useful. You need to know what to measure and how to use it to make informed decisions about your online marketing.

Consider the following:

  • which online channels you choose to use
  • how these channels sit in the overall customer journey - eg awareness, acquisition or conversion 
  • what you are looking to achieve with your online marketing - eg increased sales, increased visits to your website, online registrations or downloads, etc

You should also consider the relationship between online and other marketing activities. Don't forget your wider business objectives.

Key metrics

It's important to measure different kinds of online activity. For example, you could measure:

  • the number of pages viewed per visit on your website
  • how long visitors stay on the site
  • what kind of keyword searches and referrals are used
  • the number and cost of advertising clicks through to your site 

Consistent measuring across different online channels will help you attribute value to different tactics.

Key benefits

These measurements will allow you to:

  • use your digital marketing budget efficiently
  • make sales activity more effective by improving your conversion rates
  • choose the right channels to reach your target audience
  • make more effective campaign decisions
  • improve your return on investment