European banking services

Business banking services offered by European banks


The type of bank account you will need to run your business in Europe will depend on how your business is structured. Banks may offer different services depending on whether you are setting up as a sole trader, limited liability company, partnership, subsidiary office or not-for-profit company.

Most countries in Europe offer a similar range of services to those available in the UK, including internet banking, electronic payment services, ATMs, credit and debit cards, and business advice services.

When choosing a bank, you should consider:

  • location - is it close to your business?
  • fees - are you charged by the bank for the services you use most?
  • level of customer service
  • whether the bank insures the money you deposit

Services and fees

What you pay to operate a business bank account depends on the services you select. For example, you may reduce the fees charged if you choose to run your bank account only by telephone or internet.

However, if you prefer your account to be managed by a branch manager or business adviser, and to receive regular printed statements, you are likely to be charged for these services.

Cheques and overdrafts

In many countries in Europe, cheques are rarely used, except for some business payments.

Download a report on banking structures from the European Central Bank (PDF, 1.53MB).