Reduce packaging waste on your construction site

How to reuse packaging at construction sites


For packaging waste that you cannot eliminate or reduce, the most cost-effective option - and the best for the environment - is usually to reuse packaging as many times as possible.

Structural packaging such as certain types of pallets, crates and sturdy plastic or cardboard boxes can be reused time and again. However, suppliers often feel it is not economical to collect them for reuse. If materials are being delivered in sufficient quantities to a site, vehicles making the final deliveries can collect packaging materials from previously delivered loads and return them to the factory or manufacturing plant for reuse.

Ways to reuse construction packaging

There are a number of other ways your site can reuse packaging including:

  • repairing any damaged pallets on site for reuse if they're rated for multi-use - you must not reuse pallets rated for single
  • using pallets that can't be returned to stack other materials or as curing tables for masonry
  • selling pallets that can't be reused to pallet suppliers
  • selling pallets to other businesses that could use them as raw materials in their products
  • considering the use of old polypropylene bags for storing demolition waste
  • using large sheets of plastic sheeting that arrived as wrapping for use on site as weather protection
  • placing cut-offs of a product in its original packaging for easy identification and separation ready for recycling
  • forming relationships with suppliers, contractors and waste-management businesses to improve overall packaging reuse