Liability insurance for your business

Insurance against pollution damages


Most public liability policies include pollution liability as standard. This covers damages paid to a third-party who has suffered as a result of pollution caused by your business activities.

Pollution liability as part of public liability insurance covers sudden and unexpected incidents that take place during the insured period, such as one-off accidents.

If your business operates in an industry where there is a higher risk of pollution during everyday operations, eg the oil industry, you may want to opt for a bespoke policy such as environmental impairment liability. This can be designed specifically for your industry sector or even your particular business.

Environmental impairment liability should cover:

  • clean-up costs from any creeping pollution
  • damages awarded for injury to people or property
  • the cost of investigating and defending the company against such claims

Talk to your insurance broker to find out if such specialist protection would be a good idea for your business.

For further information see reduce environmental risk insurance costs.

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