Recycling options for types of waste materials

Plastic recycling options


There is a high demand for recycled plastic, both from UK manufacturers and from overseas markets. Exports of recovered plastics from the UK have also grown in recent years.

Uses for recycled plastic

Recycled plastic can be used in almost as many applications and products as prime plastic. Examples of uses for recycled plastic include:

  • packaging - recycled plastics are increasingly used by retailers and manufacturers
  • construction - for products such as damp-proof membrane, drainage pipes, ducting and flooring
  • landscaping - walkways, jetties, pontoons, bridges, fences and signs are increasingly being made from recycled plastic
  • textiles - polyester fibre, clothing and filling is frequently made from recycled bottles
  • street furniture - seating, bins, street signs and planters
  • bin liners and refuse sacks - from sources such as pallet wrap, carrier bags and agricultural film

Quality protocols for recycling plastics

Standards and protocols contain criteria that you should aim to meet when recycling plastic. They demonstrate the quality of your processes and products to potential customers. Complying with a quality protocol also means that you do not have to comply with the usual controls on waste, such as using waste transfer notes when you transport the materials.

The quality protocol for non-packaging plastics establishes end-of-waste criteria for the production of secondary raw materials from waste non-packaging plastics.