Managing staff performance

Rating staff performance


There are many different methods of appraisal, and it is important that you choose the best one for your employees and your business.

Staff rating

Using the objectives you agreed with your employee, rate them on each one using a number, for example from one to six, with one being excellent and six unacceptable.

Critical incidents

The appraiser keeps a record of good or bad performance (critical incidents) throughout the year. They discuss these incidents with the employee as and when they happen, but at the end of the year the content of these records form the basis of that part of the appraisal which looks at past performance.

Comparison with objectives

This style of appraisal concentrates on whether objectives or competencies have been met, partially met, or not met.

If your employee falls short on meeting their objectives, the appraisal offers the opportunity to understand why, and to look for solutions to any problems, such as the need for further training.