Waste carriers, brokers and dealers

Waste carriers' responsibilities


If you want to transport controlled waste, you must register as a waste carrier with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and comply with your duty of care.

Upper tier registrations are valid for three years, unless your registration is revoked or withdrawn. Lower tier registration is currently free and lasts indefinitely, unless your registration is revoked or withdrawn. You can apply for registration as a:

  • waste carrier and dealer
  • waste carrier and broker

You can get waste carrier information and application forms from NIEA.

If you are not sure whether you need to register, you should check with NIEA.

Duty of care for waste carriers

You are responsible for making sure that the waste you carry is handled safely and legally. You must make sure that you only pass waste to someone who is authorised to take it. If you do not check and keep proof of this you could be held responsible if your waste is disposed of illegally - for example, by fly-tipping.

Make sure all waste carriers, brokers and dealers you pass waste on to are registered or exempt.

Use waste transfer or consignment notes

Whenever you accept waste from someone, or pass waste to someone, you must ensure that the transfer is covered by a waste transfer note (WTN). If the waste is classified as hazardous waste, you must complete a consignment note. You must keep copies of waste transfer notes for two years and consignment notes for three years.

Good practice for waste carriers

When you accept waste, ensure it is packaged correctly. If it isn't, ask the producer to repack it. Do not accept waste in leaking containers. Inspect waste when you accept it to check that the waste description on the waste transfer note is accurate.

Take your waste to a site with a suitable and valid pollution prevention and control permit, waste management licence or appropriate exemption. Make sure the site is authorised to receive your particular waste types. You should always ask the site manager to show you the original documents. Ask for a photocopy for your records.

If you suspect that the waste you are carrying has been handled illegally at any stage, report the possible offence to NIEA.