Employee engagement

Advantages of employee engagement


Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to your business goals and values. By involving them in your business, you will motivate them to contribute to your business success and at the same time improve their sense of well-being.

Business benefits of engaged employees

Employee engagement benefits everyone involved with your business by creating an informed, involved and productive workplace that helps propel your business towards its goals.

When implemented properly employee engagement can bring the following business benefits:

  • staff are happier and have an increased desire and commitment to give their best to their organisation
  • more revenue for your business
  • higher levels of innovation
  • employees are likely to act as advocates for your business helping you to attract new talent and new customers
  • lower rates of sickness or absenteeism
  • more loyal staff
  • employees feel empowered and that their opinions and feedback matter to the future direction of the business
  • staff are more likely to behave in ways that support your business values
  • better focus on improved customer service
  • establishment of a culture that enables staff to voice their opinions that can lead to better ways to do things
  • a stronger sense of personal wellbeing and a feeling of being more involved, committed and productive at work
  • engaged teams are stronger and better equipped to handle difficult situations should they arise