Making the case for environmental improvements

Changing your organisation's environmental culture


Environmental issues are a particularly good catalyst for change in any organisation - encouraging a new look at old habits and offering a chance to re-assess the culture of your business. A values-based culture need no longer be at odds with a business culture.

Old business - new business

Most people have at least a passing interest in their environment. The workplace can be at the forefront of environmental awareness, and take its responsibilities to the environment and its employees' views seriously. Environmental projects offer opportunities for teamwork, delegation and the fostering of new talents in all areas of business.

Old ways - new ways

There may be some people who resist change. Persevere - for some this will be the first time they have had to confront environmental issues at work.

Point out that change is not optional, but don't be too critical - someone with a more pragmatic approach can be a useful member of the team, helping to rein in over-ambitious or unrealistic ideas. Once everything is underway, most will see the value of the changes, and the new culture will become the norm.