Making the case for environmental improvements

Demonstrating management's commitment to environmental change


To give your plans the greatest chance of success, managers must show that they are committed to making the changes work. This means showing that they are setting aside time, money and other resources where they are needed.

You can demonstrate commitment to change by involving and motivating your staff. See the page in this guide on motivating staff to make environmental improvements.

Long-term commitment to environmental change

It is important that everyone affected by the environmental improvements knows that the commitment to change is:

  • sustainable - not part of a fashion or fad
  • well-planned - part of a properly developed strategy with all the right back-up available
  • inclusive - valuing the input of everyone in the organisation
  • measurable - so you can demonstrate what you have achieved

Investing in environmental change

Not all improvements require capital investment such as buying new equipment, but they will need resources in terms of people's time. Make sure that everyone involved knows that the project has a realistic budget and is aware of:

  • what the budget is
  • exactly what the budget covers
  • how long the budget will sustain the plans made
  • any restrictions on how the budget can be spent
  • what - if any - contingency plans there are

Time given to environmental change

Make sure that everyone knows how time will be managed across the project, including:

  • how much management time will be put aside
  • how the needs of the project will be integrated with the other needs of the business
  • what timescale is envisaged
  • how project time will be apportioned day to day

Environmental change and personnel

Depending on the nature of the project or programme, you may need to consider how the work will be:

  • included in work plans and appraisals
  • included in relevant team plans at all levels
  • planned so as to continue even if personnel changes
  • planned to a timescale that everyone concerned feels they can work to