Planning for e-commerce

Creating a successful e-commerce website - Old Mill Saddlery (video)

Case Study
Robert Patton, Managing Director of Old Mill Saddlery, explains how they created a successful e-commerce website.
Old Mill Saddlery began in 1985 as a one-person operation, repairing and manufacturing equestrian equipment. The business has grown and expanded to employ 22 full-time staff.
Here, Robert shares his experience of selling online. He highlights the importance of a good Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and how Old Mill Saddlery successfully addressed the key challenges that they faced.
Case Study

Old Mill Saddlery

old mill saddlery

Robert’s top tips:

  • “Try and do something different from what everybody else is doing.”
  • “Have your advertising campaigns well measured.”
  • “Just run a good business, as you would in a bricks and mortar business.”