Planning for e-commerce

Who is involved in an e-commerce project?


E-commerce impacts upon almost every function within a business.

The following teams should be involved:

  • IT
  • marketing
  • accounting
  • stock control
  • delivery
  • leadership

Key customers and suppliers can also be involved.


Marketing and IT need to work together to plan and create your website and related materials such as any email marketing campaign. You'll also want to involve other areas such as:

  • accounting
  • stock control
  •  delivery

This is important if your e-commerce site is going to be integrated into their systems.

It's a good idea to discuss your plans with key business partners such as major customers and suppliers. Read more about trading partner relationships and e-commerce.

Before starting an e-commerce project, you need to ensure that you are fully committed. Top-level involvement can help show your commitment. It can encourage different employees to work together.

External suppliers

Depending on the level of in-house skills, you will likely need to involve external IT suppliers. Your requirements may include:

  • additional hardware and software
  • website design
  • training for your employees

If different suppliers are working on the project, it's important to plan and manage how they will work together. You also need to ensure that any solutions work with your existing IT systems.

Read more about choose an IT supplier for your business.