Transport packaging

Efficient use of one-trip transport packaging


You should use optimised one-trip packaging if you cannot reuse your transport packaging. Good packaging design and good working practices can optimise the amount of transport packaging you use and reduce waste.

Efficient use of transport boxes and corrugated cases

You can make transporting boxes and corrugated cases more efficient by:

  • using shrink-wrap instead of a box
  • optimising the design of the box to reduce unused space within it
  • use smaller boxes

Efficient use of transport drums and intermediate bulk containers

You can make transporting drums and intermediate bulk containers more efficient by:

  • using plastic drums, intermediate bulk containers or corrugated drums instead of metal
  • ensuring that the drums you use are as lightweight as possible

Efficient use of transport collation packs

You can make transporting collation packs more efficient by:

  • using shrink-wrap alone
  • using larger denominations or different formats to save packaging material

Efficient use of transport packaging fill materials

You can make transporting fill materials more efficient by:

  • altering the container's design to eliminate unused internal space
  • using paper and used corrugated board as a cheaper fill alternative

Efficient use of transport box closures

You can make transporting box closures more efficient by:

  • avoiding using staples which can reduce the possibility of reuse, and make it more difficult to recycle
  • avoiding the use of adhesive tape as a closure - you may be able to secure a corrugated box simply by interlocking the flaps
  • using plastic strapping or banding where a box has a separate or detachable lid and/or base

Efficient use of transport plastic wrapping

You can make transporting shrink-wrap, stretch-wrap and plastic bags more efficient by:

  • using a thinner material
  • using a different polymer to provide the same level of protection at lower cost and weight
  • using automatic or semi-automatic pallet wrappers to reduce the use of stretch-wrap

Efficient use of transport pallets

You can make transporting pallet loads more efficient by:

  • using palletisation software to help you to optimise the load
  • using shrink-wrap or strapping/banding rather that stretch-wrap for better stability
  • using specialist lightweight, one-trip wooden pallets