Transport packaging

What is transport packaging?


Packaging is available in many forms. The type of transport packaging you need depends on the goods or materials you're transporting and the level of protection required.

Categories of packaging

The three main categories of packaging are:

  • primary packaging - also known as sales packaging, this protects and identifies the product
  • secondary packaging - groups or binds more than one item together
  • tertiary packaging - also known as transport packaging, this protects the product during storage and transportation

Packaging goods and materials for transit usually involves a combination of the three types, eg cardboard retail packaging covered by plastic binding on a pallet.

Types of transport packaging

The three main types of transport packaging are:

  • containers
  • pallets
  • liquid storage tanks or drums

Containers such as boxes and crates can be made from many types of material including cardboard, plastic and metal.

Pallets are traditionally made from wood although plastic pallets are an option.

Liquid storage containers can be made from metal or plastic.