Set up a pop-up shop

How to open a pop-up retail shop


Pop-up shops have a reputation for opening unexpectedly in interesting locations, trading quickly on the buzz they generate, and can close suddenly when their business goals have been met.

However, if you are planning to open a pop-up retail shop, you need to be aware that consumer law applies equally to your business as to any other - see consumer law in Europe.

Trading fairly as a pop-up shop

Whenever you sell goods to a customer you have certain responsibilities. This applies to a pop-up shop as well as to any other retail business. The goods you sell must be accurately described, of a satisfactory quality, and be fit for purpose.

Understanding customers' rights when buying goods, and their rights to reject goods, is important for the successful operation of a pop-up retail business. See customer protection.

If the goods you sell to customers do not meet legally entitled expectations, you may have to provide a refund or compensation by repair or replacement - see returns and refunds, warranties and complaints.

For information on working with the Northern Ireland Trading Standards Service to stay within the law, see fair trading, trade descriptions and Trading Standards.

Seasonal and Sunday trading

Seasonal businesses are commonly run according to the pop-up model, for example a gift store opening in the run-up to Christmas. If your business is operating for a short period you need to give consideration to pressures on stocking levels, cash flow and staffing - see financial advice for seasonal businesses.

You should also work with your local district council to operate within defined Sunday opening periods - see seasonal and Sunday trading.

Health and safety

If you store goods on your premises you have a responsibility to assess the implications and take steps to control risk - see storing goods and materials safely.

For more detailed information on your legal responsibilities for health and safety in your business read what you need to do about health and safety.

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