Set up a pop-up shop

Market your pop-up shop


The success of your pop-up shop in Northern Ireland will largely depend on the number of customers you can get through the door. Planning your marketing campaign is an important part of your overall business strategy. The short term nature of a pop-up shop means your marketing should be innovative and targeted to provide the greatest impact.

Creating a buzz

Pop-up shops rely heavily on word of mouth to drive interest and footfall. Your aim should be to access as many local 'networks' as possible. Start with family, friends, business associates and your wider social circle.

The local business community is another great way to generate interest - see Northern Ireland business networks.

The Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce offers a range of business services and networking events.

Your marketing spend will depend on the ultimate aims of your pop-up shop - a fast turnaround operation looking to sell limited stock may not need a great deal of marketing. Those businesses using a pop-up shop to test the market, should look to spend more on attracting customers.

For more information on marketing see:

Think about the possibilities of partnering with other local businesses to offer discounted rates on your product or service to drive customers through your door.

Social media

Pop-up shops operating with a small budget should see social media as a great way of generating interest - see social media for business.

Traditional advertising

Depending on the expected operating period of your pop-up shop, some forms of traditional advertising may be useful to drive sales. One of the more common forms of quick and cheap advertising is running a leaflet campaign.

You should think about press releases as a way of generating interest in your pop-up business. You may have a unique product, service or innovative business model which could attract media interest. Think of local newspapers and magazines which could take an interest in your business, and some free publicity may be possible.

Creating a poster for your pop-up shop can be a great tool for raising interest. Some local businesses may be open to the possibility of using some window or shop space for your poster, perhaps on a reciprocal basis.

For further information see traditional marketing.