Choose an insurance adviser for your business

Presenting your insurance risk details


A comprehensive health and safety risk assessment is the first step to compiling a presentation of your risks.

You can conduct assessments for other types of risk, such as fire and security - which could include premises, vehicles, workers and IT. See insurance: business property and assets.

Assess your risks

With the assistance of your insurance broker you should carefully assess your insurance requirements and compile a thorough report of the condition of your business - see health and safety risk assessment.

A good presentation of your risk details with all the required information and evidence of good practices will help the insurance company to make the right decision about how much of a risk your business is and how much premium to charge.

Specialist insurance

Your broker should also identify whether you will need to take out specialist insurance for your type of business. There are many types of commercial insurance you may wish to consider. For more information, see identify potential business risks and insure against them.

Minimise your risks

You are more likely to get cover if you can demonstrate that your business takes safety seriously, with detailed risk-assessment records and comprehensive training practices.

This is especially important for high-risk businesses, such as those that undertake more dangerous activities such as working at height or with dangerous substances.