Staff and business development through higher education

Recruiting higher education students


Studying for a degree involves time management, communication and organisational skills, and the ability to learn quickly. Graduates should be equipped with these skills, along with more specific knowledge and experiences that can be valuable to your business.

However, finding the right person for your needs can be difficult. Offering internships, work placements or undergraduate projects for students can enable you to 'test out the talent' before committing to hiring individuals.

Help with recruiting graduates

The higher education sector is very good at matching students to work experience and project work opportunities. Many have placement advisers/officers working within the university's career service or a dedicated team that can help. If you have an opportunity to offer, contacting your local university would be a good place to start.

Submit a training needs enquiry across the UK

If your local search does not provide you with the solution you need, you can submit a training needs enquiry through the Training Gateway.

You need to give clear information to obtain the best results. Universities and colleges throughout the country can then consider it and respond by email, detailing what courses or programmes they can offer.