Protect your registered designs

Renew your registered designs


Registered designs are initially valid for five years. After that, you can pay renewal fees to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to extend the period of protection in additional five-year increments, up to a maximum term of 25 years.

If you do not renew your registration, your design will cease.

You should renew your design registration on its fifth anniversary. If you renew up to six months before, or within one month after the renewal date, you will only have to pay the renewal fee.

Design registration renewal fees



1st renewal


2nd renewal


3rd renewal


4th renewal


To renew your registration, fill in and send a design registration renewal form and a fee sheet for the correct amount. You can pay online, by cheque, bank transfer or deposit account. See how to pay the IPO.

When they receive your form and payment, the IPO will confirm your renewal.

Late renewal

If you miss the deadline for renewing your design registration, you can make a 'late renewal' within the six months of the renewal date. Late renewal will incur additional feels - £24 for each complete month that has passed.

If you do not renew within this six-month period, you can apply to restore your design.

Restoring your design registration

If you miss the six-month deadline for late renewal, you have a further six months to apply to restore your design. You will have to provide an explanation why you've missed the deadline and pay a £120 fee.

The IPO will consider your request and notify you by post if they will allow you to proceed with the renewal. If they reject your application, you have two months to appeal.