Protect your registered designs

Update or cancel your registered designs


Once you register your design, you will need to tell the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) if any details they hold in the design register are out of date.

You can:

  • change the name or address of an owner of a UK design registration or application
  • appoint or change an agent to manage your registered designs, or update contact details
  • correct any small errors on the register by writing to the IPO with details of the error
  • remove your design from the registry at any time

You don't have to pay to update the register of designs, but you do have to complete relevant forms for them to carry out your request.

Cancelling your registered design

You can cancel or invalidate your design registration free of charge at any time. This could be to avoid legal action or because a third party has applied to remove the registered design. You will need to send the IPO notice by proprietor to cancel a registration.

You must not cancel your design if this will affect anyone else, eg someone who may have purchased a license to use your design.