Virtual recruitment of new staff

What is virtual recruitment?


Traditionally, the recruitment process involves meeting potential new employees in a physical space. These meetings are usually at job fairs or when candidates come to a workplace for a job interview. Social distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic have restricted traditional face-to-face recruitment. Businesses have had to adapt by exploring other options to recruit new staff.

Virtual recruitment relies on a host of different technologies to help businesses find the most suitable person for a job role while also helping employers to recruit more efficiently and effectively. Employers can now easily use these online tools to attract talent, connect with and screen candidates, conduct in-depth interviews, introduce candidates to managers and colleagues and even give virtual workplace tours, all without ever meeting a candidate in person.

During the coronavirus pandemic, virtual recruitment has provided a hiring solution to employers. It has enabled the recruitment process to take place from start to finish exclusively online. However, virtual recruitment is not just a temporary solution. Employers have become more comfortable using various technologies for virtual interaction. Many employers have also sampled the benefits in efficiency and effectiveness that virtual recruitment can bring. A hybrid recruitment process using virtual and physical methods may be the best option for employers moving forward.

Virtual recruitment can also work harmoniously with remote working, removing geographical barriers for employers and enabling businesses to recruit the best talent from across the world. Find out about the other business benefits of virtual recruitment.