AccessNI criminal records checks

How does the application process for AccessNI work?


The steps to making and countersigning an application are as follows.

Applicant role

  • Lead signatory (LS) or counter signatory (CS) advise applicant which type of check to apply for and directs applicant to relevant web page on nidirect. LS or CS will also provide the applicant with their 6 digit PIN number;
  • Applicant clicks application button and creates an account on nidirect and clicks link in confirmation e-mail to activate the account;
  • Applicant again clicks relevant button on nidirect to make an application;
  • Applicant logs into their account and enters in PIN number into application;
  • Applicant completes personal details on form, confirm declaration and clicks 'submit' to transfer the application electronically to the LS or CS;

CS/LS role

  • LS or CS picks up application having logged on to their nidirect account;
  • LS or CS checks summary of information provided by applicant and completes form, including, for standard and enhanced checks, the position for which the application is being made;
  • LS or CS confirms declaration form. The LS or CS must have previously checked a set of identification documents provided by the applicant to ensure that the details provided on the application form match the information in those documents;
  • LS or CS clicks submit button and completed application is transferred to AccessNI for processing.

AccessNI will process the application. The LS/CS and applicant can track progress of any case by logging into their account.

Disputing incorrect information

The content of an AccessNI check can be challenged or disputed if it contains an error, or inaccurate or irrelevant information. Challenges and disputes should be made immediately by contacting AccessNI and must be raised within three months of the date of issue on the certificate. AccessNI certificate dispute form.

AccessNI has a privacy notice that outlines its legal grounds for processing the personal data of applicants and signatories, details of the personal information collected, the purposes for which this is collected and how this is used by AccessNI.