AccessNI criminal records checks

How to apply for an AccessNI criminal records check


All applications for standard and enhanced checks must be countersigned by an organisation that is registered with AccessNI.

To submit an AccessNI check an organisation must either:

  • use the services of an AccessNI registered umbrella organisation, or
  • register with AccessNI

Using an umbrella body

An umbrella body is a registered body that gives other non-registered organisations access to AccessNI services. If your organisation has a requirement for fewer than 20 checks per year you should use the services of an umbrella body.

AccessNI has developed a database listing details of umbrella bodies and the types of services they provide.

Search for an AccessNI umbrella body.

If you are already a registered body and would like to offer an additional umbrella service, you should contact the AccessNI Helpline on Tel 0300 200 7888 to speak to an adviser about your eligibility.