AccessNI criminal records checks

AccessNI costs and how long checks take


The cost of an AccessNI check and the time it takes to search criminal records and give disclosure certificates varies depending on the level of AccessNI check requested.

AccessNI fees

AccessNI charges a fee to process criminal records checks:

  • Basic AccessNI check - £18
  • Standard AccessNI check - £18
  • Enhanced AccessNI check - £33

The individual being checked is responsible for the cost, but an employer can offer to pay this fee on behalf of an applicant. Payment must be made to AccessNI by a Registered or Responsible Body on account (monthly invoice).

An individual can be asked to seek their own disclosure (basics only) by making an online application and paying the relevant fee by credit or debit card.

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AccessNI checks for volunteers

Volunteers, within the AccessNI definition, will receive a Standard/Enhanced AccessNI check free of charge. All Basic checks must be paid for.

AccessNI defines a volunteer as:

'A person engaged or to be engaged in an activity for a non-profit organisation or person which involves spending time unpaid (except for travel and other approved out-of-pocket expenses) doing something which amounts to a benefit to some third party other than, or in addition to a close relative.'

All the criteria above must be met before AccessNI will process a check free of charge. There are a few exemptions to this definition, including if you are volunteering for a public sector organisation.

How long does an AccessNI check take?

For all applications made online, AccessNI aims to issue:

  • 99 per cent of Basic (countersigned by a responsible body) and Standard checks within 7 calendar days
  • 95 per cent of Basic checks (made directly by a member of the public) within 14 calendar days
  • 70 per cent of Enhanced checks within 10 calendar days, 95 per cent within 21 days and 98 per cent within 28 calendar days

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AccessNI has a privacy notice that outlines its legal grounds for processing the personal data of applicants and signatories, details of the personal information collected, the purposes for which this is collected and how this is used by AccessNI.