AccessNI criminal records checks

What to consider before you ask the applicant for an AccessNI check


There are key points to consider when submitting AccessNI checks for potential employees.

You should:

  • Consider if the applicant has the right to work in the UK.
  • Let the applicant know why an AccessNI check is required, what type of check is being sought and how they will be carried out.
  • If the work is in regulated activity with either children or adults at risk, you should advise the applicant that you will seek a check of the lists of those who are not allowed to work closely with these groups and you should ensure the applicant is content for you to continue with this. If they are not content do not proceed with the application.
  • Give the applicant a chance to explain if a check reveals criminal record or other information about them - read more about employing someone with a criminal record.
  • Tell the applicant if an AccessNI check is no longer required and a completed application form will not be progressed.
  • Think carefully about the best point in the recruitment process to carry out an AccessNI check.
  • Only check the successful job applicant.

Transgender applicants

For transgender application enquiries, you can contact the AccessNI Operations Manager on Tel 0300 200 7888.