Owed money from a bankrupt or a company in liquidation

Completion of bankruptcy and company liquidation cases


If the official receiver (OR) is dealing with the insolvency case for which you are a creditor, they will inform you when they have completed the insolvency. You will also be sent a summary of the OR's receipts and payments as trustee/liquidator.

As a creditor, you can object to the OR's release. Generally, the OR's release can only be withheld if they have failed to realise - sell - assets that were available to be realised, or have misapplied the proceeds of any assets realised.

If an insolvency practitioner (IP) is dealing with the case, you will be invited to the final meeting of creditors. At this meeting, the IP will report on how they have handled the case and give a summary of the receipts and payments. The creditors may question the liquidator about what is in the report and have the option of either granting or refusing the release of the IP.

What legal action can I take against the bankrupt, company or the trustee/liquidator?

After the date of the court order, unsecured creditors cannot take any action against the bankrupt or company without the court's consent. You must submit your claim to the trustee/liquidator. You can apply to the court if you are dissatisfied with the actions of the OR/IP. Before you apply to the court you may wish to take legal advice.